The world has changed and the face of spirituality with it, we believe that growth and spirituality go hand in hand. No matter our individual belief, we are all centered on the knowing, the understanding that there is a force more powerful than us. Let us become kinder and more compassionate, let us grow and nourish our souls....... 

Meet The Team:

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Damian Marc: Psychic Medium 

From a very young age I understood that I could perceive things that my family and friends could not. I quickly became aware of the stigma around this, being called 'crazy' stayed with me and for many years I hid my ability. 


Tragedy struck my family and as I moved through my grief, I found that the gift I had once hidden allowed me to communicate with those that had passed. I came to understand that the communication and messages which gave me so much strength could also provide comfort to others.  

Knowing this has led me to embrace my path and share my gift; providing strength and guidance through grief, helping to heal with guidance from Spirit and assist clients to find their path.  


Whether the person I am reading for is grieving or simply looking for guidance and answers, I approach all my readings with genuine love, care and compassion. 

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Kerryn : Yoga and Meditation Instructor

I was first introduced to yoga while living abroad, having been involved in a car accident years previously, I was left with pain in my right shoulder and neck. Through research I discovered that yoga could aid in my recovery and I began practicing in my down time. What began as a weekly class became more frequent and soon I was practicing daily.  

As the strength, flexibility and alignment in my body grew on the mat, I began to see these changes reflected in my life. For me, Yoga and meditation have been the key to my personal growth. It is this discovery that drew me to teaching, the desire to facilitate this for others and guide them to live in alignment with their fullest potential.  

I believe Yoga is for Everybody and Every Body, there is a style to suit every individual. 

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Courtney Jade: Wellness Coach and Reiki therapist 

I had a health scare that almost took my eyesight and  a long term medical treatment that came with unrelenting side effects which left me physically, psychologically and emotionally reeling. By turning towards a more natural and holistic approach to treating my condition,  I was able to cure myself, leaving my Team of Specialists baffled. 

Since then, I haven't looked back and have continued my journey of personal growth, holistic health, wellness and vitality.  I'm so grateful to have lived through the experience, as I am now able to help, heal and inspire many others on their own wellness path.