Ascended Master

Have you heard of the term Ascended Master?

Known as the ‘Ascended Masters’ or the ‘Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth’, they are the highest evolved Beings in the spiritual hierarchy, surpassing guardian angels and spirit guides. An Ascended Master is effectively an immortal. They do not physically age like we do, and when they do change their physical structures, which they may do at times, they do so consciously, and remain as adults throughout the process. They have infinite power and ability. For example, an Ascended Master could sit in a middle of a burning building and never be burnt, they could move mountains just by using nothing but the power of thought. They also have tremendous powers of clairvoyance. One of their most important abilities are their substantial wisdom – and compassion to the world. They can manifest in way to assist us with our spiritual journey, they can be your spirit guides for a period of time, they can manifest into tour life as someone to get you through a difficult period in your life.

So, who are the ascended masters?

The most well-known ones are-

Buddha -

Buddha lived multiple lives as both as a wealthy man and as someone who manifested as a hermit. He proposed that the key to happiness was to live “the middle way” or moderation of all things. His focus is working towards inner peace, world peace, joy, balance and moderation in life.

Jesus -

Jesus is known as the one and only Son of God. He came to earth because of his unconditional love of God and for His creation. Jesus mainly comes through to ensure there is clear communication with God, he is one of the most common Ascended Masters that people resonate with.

Mother Mary -

Known as the Virgin Mary, the beloved mother, made her ascension more than 2000 years ago, prior to her life with Jesus. Mary mainly assists with children and mothers, she supports those who help children, fertility, mercy, grace, compassion, faith, miracles, and healing of all kinds.

St John of God or John the Baptist -

He was one of the disciples of Jesus who witnessed the life of Christ and the earliest Church. He has come to help humanity heal and to draw Christ consciousness into the body. Assists with anxiety, depression, healing, heart ailments, hospitalizations, joy, increasing, space clearing, faith, and spiritual dedication. He often works as a spiritual guide to those who have very important life missions.


Paramahansa Yogananda introduced the Western world to the practice of Kriya yoga, meditation, and chanting. It is believed that he worked with those who were struggling with self-love. He helps unite and integrate cultures, motivating people to understand spirituality from both the East & the Western perspective. He is known to have chosen the moment and time of his death, Yogananda died before the age of 40.

Everyone is backed up by a team of Ascended Masters. You are guided by not one, but five masters. This is called the Five Ray team. There are eight rays of incarnation, and we all are born with five of these rays. Each soul is said to incarnate on these specific rays. There is an Ascended Master assigned to each of the five rays, according to the life lessons laid out for you.

So, which Ascended master Can help you? Ask yourself, what do you need to learn at this point in your life? Life is a long journey for most people, and at different phases you will require different forms of support and assistance.

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