Beautiful Destruction

The term beautiful destruction refers to the events of trauma in our lives. That’s how we generally like to view them. The awful things that happen to us, the terrible situations that life sometimes throws our way.

The truth is, these moments in time of beautiful destruction are put on our path when we have strayed from where we should be.

We’ve moved too far from our Truth.

You might get your heart broken by someone you love, or lose your job and find yourself unemployed and directionless.

The reality is, this is just the Universe getting rid of things that are distracting you, blocking you, or which no longer serves you.

Once we see these times in our life for what they really are, and not just the shit things that happened to us, something shifts.

A realisation sets in.

This mental shift then manifests as a physical change.

Because being well is not just eating salads and going to the gym.

Wellness is a state of being in all areas of your life. When we are following our true purpose, everything aligns.

When everything aligns, all the stress of our lives melts away and we find ourselves in a state of peace, calm and contentness.

When the noise of our ego is on mute and we are free of stress, all the other aspects of wellness fall into line organically, with grace and ease.

When we are free of stress we rest more, we move our bodies without resistance, we eat better foods. We begin to truly understand that happiness comes from within

And that, my friends, is wellness.

So, the next time you feel like your life is in shambles, just know that the Universe is giving you a little nudge in the right direction, because you’ve gone off course.

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