Past Lives

Past lives are about the soul circling on its journey to discover the hidden truth of who we are, intending to become our best self and grow into the light.

From lifetime to lifetime, soul memories and experiences are stored within our DNA and we carry our lessons into the next life. A way to think of it is that we decide to make another trip to Earth’s “school.”

It is a free world, so we set up the classes and subjects that we want to study and work on the challenges and the results we want to achieve. As we grow into our new lives at around age 5, we get caught up in the illusions of the new life and we cannot remember our real home and plan. We forget our spiritual beginnings, the issues, and fears we want to transform, our commitment to ascend.

And so, begins the “school of life”

We get a small glimpse of our past life theme and then we begin to experience familiar pain and suffering, we begin to experience the issues, problems, patterns, and lessons and of course they bring familiar pain that makes us want to run and hide. 

It is this time, when you most want to run, that you need to stop, take note, be brave and face the fear.

It is here that we grow.

We know we are in past life territory when we have tried for years and years to heal and find answers from a psychological perspective and the suffering is still there or if we have an obsession or a fear that cannot be explained by a therapist or reality.

You may have a nightmare that haunts you or a strange illness or even a weird feeling that cannot be explained. Perhaps you have a special talent that has come out of nowhere? Maybe you are in a relationship that has a strange past life theme and intensity, and you cannot get away from it.

When things do not add up, you have tried everything, and it is all so strange—this is when we need to investigate your past lives through mediation or past life regression-to explain the unexplainable.

Sometimes you will not heal unless you get past life recognition or answers on a deeper spiritual level.

Exploring our past lives helps us to solve the “puzzle of the soul” and the long-ago ancient wounds, the deep core issues that we have brought with us and were reinforced when we were born. Unless the loss of our soul is explored, we can spiral into a never-ending cycle and meet the same personalities and themes repeatedly.

You may have been a king, queen, or famous person, but the karmic transition point in the story comes around again to highlight where we can heal, change, or make a new choice.

If we turn the lights on, through past life regression and meditation, we can find a way to transform and stop the karmic cycle.

More importantly we learn lessons and behaviors that have been holding us back.

Some ways to investigate your past lives are through meditation, past life regression and through dreams. Everyone’s experience will be different. Other things which can resonate with your last life is people having near death experiences, birthmarks or scars and facial recognition. Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you knew them? Visiting a place that feels so familiar?

There are so many benefits to looking into your past lives and it can make an enormous difference in your waking life.

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