Religion and Spirituality

As humans, it is ingrained into the very fibre of our being to question our purpose and origination. Despite our differences, We are all beings of faith, possessed with an internal knowing there is something bigger than us. We know this because we feel it.

The word faith, however, can have a different meaning from one person to the next.  And, while it is true that religion and spirituality often go hand in hand, it is also true that there are vast differences which separate the two. 

As we evolve as humans, our consciousness expanding and ascending, it’s only natural that we begin to question that which was previously accepted, further exploring this divide. And while religion is a saving grace for millions of people and comes from a place of pure intentions, there are some differences between it and spirituality, which cannot be overlooked. 

Religion comes with a rule book. 

Religion generally dictates a long list of practices and actions which are forbidden. People within religion are generally encouraged to follow and obey, in order to live a life free from sin. 

When one finds their Spirituality, a big part of that usually entails adopting a set of values, a moral compass of sorts, which is used to help guide that person through their life journey. It is always by choice and such values and morals always come from a place of love, peace and a desire to make the world a better place. 

Religion can divide while Spirituality seeks to unite 

Most religions believe that theirs is the only true religion and all others are false. This mentality causes divide between community, culture and humanity as a whole. 

The first thing one comes to understand when embarking on a spiritual journey is that we are all connected. Connected to one another, connected to nature, connected to all living things. There is no you, me, us or them. We are all one. 

Religion is man made 

The problem with this, is man often operates from a place of ego. The ego keeps us in a state of delusion and confusion, creating chaos to keep us distracted from what is true. With ego comes the desire for power and control.

Spirituality is not something that was created or can be taught. It simply is. Within us, surrounding us, connecting all that is. The divine freedom that we seek, free from limitations and boundaries, lies in the knowing that we are experiencing a beautiful, creative Universe. Death is not the end, We are limitless beings living a physical experience. We are always connected to God, to the Universal Energy Source, because it is us. 

Wherever your faith lays, whatever your beliefs may be, wherever your path may lead you, may your intentions be pure of heart and may love and compassion be your compass. 

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