Spiritual Awakening

When we undergo a spiritual awakening, we literally “wake up” to life. We begin to question the old belief systems and habits we have formed over our lifetimes. We see that there is much more to life than what we have been previously taught and conditioned to believe.

Of course there are different stages to awakening and it is important to note that you can get 'stuck' at any point. It is also important to remember that where one persons' awakening begins may be where another's search ends. 

Pre awakening; this is life making you uncomfortable, hungry for change and discovery. You may feel isolated from others, yourself or life in general and abandoned by god or the divine.

Your mood may be low and you may experience periods of melancholy. It is common to feel lost and unsure of which direction to take. 

Oftentimes we feel shock and sadness when observing the world in a new light and a lack of motivation to keep doing what you used to - even if it used to be something you enjoyed!

These feelings often draw us to into a state of discovery and stir a deep desire to dig deeper into lifes greatest mysteries.

Early awakening is often when we begin asking the big questions such as; “Why am I/we here?” “What is my life purpose?” “What happens after death?” “Why do some people suffer more than others?”

Significant ideas and questions give way to new ideas and beliefs and we begin to live life on our own terms. Depending on how much you grow and evolve, you may begin to question your job, your relationships and circle of friends.

Searching for answers in religion, or for the Divine in any form, is common during a spiritual awakenings. You might have a strong desire to find the meaning of your life and whether there truly is a higher state of being. You may be drawn to a life of deep study of Spiritual text. You may decide to chase a lifelong dream. You may chase a career you never even thought of before. You may very well wonder what you have been doing all this time!

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to have an awakening. Allow your heart to guide you. 

It was through my personal spiritual awakening that I came to accept and embrace my gifts as a Psychic Medium ultimately allowing me to help and guide my clients and make a difference one person at a time.

I would love to hear your spiritual awakening stories, are you in an awakening now?

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Damian Marc.

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