The dictionary definition of synchronicity is; the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

It’s the sense that things are aligning, flowing, syncing up, without any reasonable explanation and cannot be scientifically justified. 

Have you ever had something happen at just the right moment? It could be something big, such as quitting your soul crushing job on a whim, only to have a dream job opportunity open up at the same time. 

Or it could be something small, like receiving a cooking class voucher as a gift, the day after making the decision to finally start taking cooking classes. 

Quite often we put these happenings down to coincidence or good luck. But is there such a thing? 

What if these synchronicities are in fact your intuition and the Universe co conspiring?

What if everything that happens, happens when and as it should? What if these occurrences are little whispers of guidance, little nudges of reassurance you are moving in the right direction. The right people, events, opportunities, all provided to you by the Universe, divine support propelling you forwards and upwards. 

Little happenings in the physical world, which occur in response to an internal knowing or yearning. 

Synchronicities often start flowing when you start tapping into your creative energy.

When you’re balanced and aligned, when you begin taking inspired action towards the things that bring you joy, a shift occurs and opportunities open up. 

Momentum is created, perpetuated. 

More people, events and opportunities start showing up, divine support further reinforcing your direction, motivations and actions.

This is the law of attraction at its best. 

When you focus not on the outcome, but instead, on the process which lights you up, your energy frequency rises. 

You become a vibrational match to what you seek and the law of attraction kicks in. You become a magnet, a life force in itself. 

When you trust your intuition, move through the fear and step into your authentic self, the Universe will support

you in unexpected ways

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