"Telepathy" is derived from the Greek terms tele ("distant") and pathe ("occurrence" or "feeling")

It is the practice of receiving thoughts or feelings from another person. A type of Extrasensory Perception (ESP.) Telepathy usually happens over distance and without the use of other senses like hearing or touch.

When we think about communicating, we usually think about speaking and writing. But what about connection through the mind?

Telepathy is a gift that we all have and telepathic abilities are much more natural and common than you may think.

There are several types of telepathic communication, these are some of the most common;

Reading: Hearing or sensing what is going on in the mind of another.

Communicating: Direct communication with another without speaking.

Impressing: Planting something into another’s person’s mind. This could be a thought or a word. It might even be an image.

Control: Influencing or controlling the actions of another person’s thoughts or actions.

One common example we often hear about is how twins who are able to communicate without speaking. They might finish each other’s sentences or know instinctively when the other is upset or injured.

The other common telepathic communication comes through the phenomenon of a twin flame connection. This is very similar to the twin connection in the way they are able to instantly feel if the other is upset or hurt, they may even have the ability to feel exactly the same emotions or even through each other’s dreams

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