The Aura Explained

The aura is described to be the unseen energy body that surrounds the physical body. Over the years, particularly within the scientific community, there has been much debate about whether the aura actually exists. 

But, many people can actually view auras in themselves and others, and depict it to be a halo of transparent colour that surrounding the body. All things are energy, and humans, animals, plants and even objects, omit a force field of electricity, known as the electromagnetic field.

In a paper from the Indian University of petroleum and energy studies, Gunjan Chhapra describes “The Aura as “being made up of neural thoughts, patterns and spiritual energies of the ambient air. The AURA has spin, from its chakras and other forces, and qualities like pulsing, luminiscence, and sound. AURA can also be defined as “A subtle, invisible spirit or fluid that originates from human and animal bodies and even inanimate things; it is a cognitive, consisting of both mind and body, as it is the electro-vital and at the same time an electro-mental aura, called in Theosophy the akasic of magnetic”. Briefly, then, the human aura may be described as a fine, ethereal radiation or emanation surrounding each and every living being.”

Our auras are consistently shifting, expanding, shrinking and changing colour. Their brightness, brilliance and vibrancy ebbs and flows in accordance to the changes and frequency of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. 

It is believed there are 7 layers of the aura. Each layer correlates with a different chakra or energy point within the body, and represents a different part within us, either physically or spiritually. 

Layer 1: Etheric

This layer is closest to the body and is connected to the base chakra. It is viewed as a white/violet/grey in colour. Our physical body is represented by this layer and is easiest to see with the naked eye. 

Layer 2: Emotional

The emotional layer is connected with the sacral chakra and is often viewed as orange in colour. This layer is affected by the emotions we feel and can become dim or muddy during times of stress. 

Layer 3: Mental 

Usually depicted as yellow, the mental layer correlates with our thoughts, cognitive process and state of mind. It is connected with the solar plexus chakra and often radiates strongest around the head, neck and shoulders. 

Layer 4: Astral

Located directly above the mental layer and extending about a foot from the physical body, the astral layer is a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. This layer is directly connected with the heart chakra, pink or rosy in colour and is strongest when our relationships are in a state of love and support. 

Layer 5 Etheric Template 

The etheric template is the map or blueprint to your entire physical body. It is connected with the throat chakra and can shift in colour.  Everything created by you in this physical plane, including your identity, beliefs and personality, can be found within this layer. Your etheric template is strongest when you are truthful to your authentic self. 

Layer 6: Celestial. 

The celestial layer has a very powerful vibration and represents connection to Divine and all other beings. Connected to the third eye chakra, it is pearly white in colour and depicts the beginning of one’s spiritual connection. This is the place where feelings of oneness and unconditional love flows. 

Layer 7: Ketheric Template 

The Ketheric Template is furthest from the body, vibrates at the highest level and protects all other auric layers. This layer rapidly pulsates and is golden in colour. Universal oneness is represented and it is connected to the crown chakra. It is believed that all of the the information about one’s soul and past lives is stored within the Ketheric Template. 

Energy workers and holistic healers work with the energy body and auric field. As our understanding of all things energy broadens, it is becoming more mainstream to use an array of modalities to clear, balance and heal our energy bodies. Such practices can greatly impact our physical, emotional and mental well-being and thus positively influence all areas of our lives. 

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