Twin Flame

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

You have no doubt heard of the term “soul mates”, you may have dreamed about finding your perfect love. You may even have dismissed the concept and think it of it as merely a fantasy and settled for a relationship that just feels comfortable.

The reality is that not only do soul mates exist, but it is possible to form an even deeper connection. Experts call these connections twin flames. While twin flame relationships still face challenges, they represent an important chance for happiness and growth both spiritually and personally.

Twin Flames are essentially two souls who were once one in the same energy consciousness. They represent two parts of the same consciousness, that chose to split into two to experience coming together for the purpose of their life, expand their learning, develop deeper understanding and ultimately reunite through love. The idea of a Twin Flame relationship is becoming more mainstream, but a true Twin Flame connection is quite rare.

Some of the signs you have met your twin flame:

-A strange feeling of recognition like you know this person like no other lover before.

-You may experience the push and pull at the beginning of the relationship, one flame is normally the chaser, one the runner.

-You understand each other on a different level, communication is very strong in Twin Flame relationships.

-The connection is extremely intense, you feel like you have been waiting for this person your entire life and you will always come back together.

-They encourage your growth and they grow themselves, you evolve together. No shrinking to make the other person comfortable, you are in your power and they couldn't be prouder. Twin Flames always encourage each other's higher purpose.

-They have a deep understanding for each others' fears and vulnerabilities- you cannot hide from them.

-You can be yourself, there is peace in your heart when you are together, you are truly comfortable.

Everyone experiences varying signs depending on the twin flame relationship you are in.

I have witnessed first hand twin flame relationships, I have seen the intensity and love that is unrivalled to any other kind of connection. Put simply words cannot really describe the love and connection they share.

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